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   This was only the second time that she had seen him riding around on his bike. Even then when she saw him it drove her even crazier because she knew what he hid under his clothes. Even though he was four years younger than her, she knew what he really was. He was a real man. And this fact drove her young teenage hormones over the edge. Quickly she rushed to the secret panel in her drawer that held her toy and began to relieve herself. Thoughts of what she had seen that day kept replaying in her mind over and over again and she climaxed within seconds over and over again.
           Her name was Danielle and she was a 16 year old teenage wet dream. Firm 34DD tits on a rock hard body with an ass that would cause all the boys in the hall to have instant hardons. She knew how hot she was too and wasn’t afraid to flaunt it. She was definitely the school cocktease along with all of her equally hot cheerleader friends. Her oriental looks gave her an even more exotic flavor to her sex appeal. She had always been able to control any guy that she wanted, including older guys, making them buy her things or take her places but never actually sleeping with them. That was until she met Dylan.

           Her mom was the landlord for the three-story walk up apartment building that they lived in. Two days ago they had rented the large studio upstairs to a nice middle aged couple and their young son. When asked if they needed any help moving all of their stuff up they said not to worry that they had everything covered. The next day came and a huge truck with all of their stuff pulled up to the walk way. The dad started to unload all of the smaller stuff. Danielle noticed that it was only him and the young son and no one else, so she decided to see if she could help. The dad said not to worry and their boy Dylan was a lot stronger than he looked. Her jaw dropped when young Dylan removed his shirt.

           He looked like a mini heavyweight champion bodybuilder. His muscles were thick and defined, veins crisscrossed his entire chest, and his trapezius muscles were full and thick and surrounded his bull like neck. She nearly came at the sight of his striations that ran across his powerful chest. His six-pack abs were like fist sized chunks of meat that led down to a shredded waist. His shorts looked like they were stuffed with two barrels. She could only imagine what he was carrying in the crotch department. She continued to stare as he began to stretch and limber up like a seasoned athlete. He did a couple of push ups to get the blood pumping into his chest and then began to work. Her thong was instantly soaked when he bent down and picked up their refrigerator and casually walked up the stairs. His bulging calves solidified and hardened into steel lumps of muscle. She ran to her room where she pulled out her toy, Mr. Nubs, and relieved herself. She came in seconds as she watched the young Hercules haul everything from the washer and dryer to the long family couch all by himself while his parents handled the smaller things. The sweat poured down his chiseled body and gave him a sheen that made it look like he was oiled up for a bodybuilding contest. For nearly three hours she continued pleasuring and climaxing herself while she watched him move all the furniture to their new apartment. She kept screaming into her pillow to muffle her cries of ecstasy.

           After what seemed like her hundredth climax she finally started coming down from her orgasmic high when she heard a knock at the front door. She quickly put on a pair of sweats and a baby tee, put her hair up in a ponytail and ran to answer the door.

“Um…hi there. I’m Dylan, we just moved in across the way?”

         She stood there, shocked and speechless. The object of her fantasy was standing right there in front of her. His muscles looked much harder and defined up close with rivulets of sweat running down the deep striations of his body. In the rush to answer the door she forgot to put on a sports bra under her baby tee and the sight of this man-child made her nipples hard. She didn’t  move at all as she just stared deep into his Sea-Grey eyes.

“Um…I was wondering if I could use your shower since the plumber doesn’t come till next week. I’m really sweaty from all the moving as you can tell” he continued.

         She watched mesmerized as he unintentionally flexed his thick, manly, striated pec muscles into two rock hard mounds of beef while his boulder capped shoulders moved in rhythm with his traps. She immediately orgasmed and fainted.  

         She stretched out her body like a cat, slowly opening her eyes. She heard the water from her shower running and tried to gain her bearings on where she was. She found herself on her bed again in her bedroom. Her mind was a bit foggy and she tried to remember what happened. Then she shot up straight in her bed, her tits jiggling slightly, as she remembered what happened. She jumped off the bed and ran do the bathroom door. It was open slightly but she could hear him in the shower, humming. Was it all just a dream for her? She slowly opened the door as she peeked her head in.
The New Neighbor Part 1
Alright guys so here's a new story, I know it's been a couple of years but here it is, hope you enjoy!
Hi guys! I know it's been nearly over a year since I've been here, life has gotten absolutely hectic! But, I'm on a leave for the next six months from my dance troupe and hopefully I can get some new, hot steamy stories on here and finish off some of the old ones, I hope that you guys and even some girls will like it! See you soon! *kisses


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